Our high purity N2 Generators for Electronics & Laser Cutting applications have numerous advantages.

Save time and money with a PSA  generator.



Also in the electronics industry, you face the challenges of constant improvements and development of the products and optimization of your processes.

Your soldering applications may require high purity nitrogen, preventing oxidation of the process and leaves a clean, durable solder point.

The advantages are numerous and the result is increased product quality, decreased manual work and reduced production time. Nitrogen, produced by a nitrogen generator, is the most economical inert gas to use in flow and reflow soldering equipment.

We have the solution for you; the Oxymat OPAS Unit, which purifies Nitrogen from 99.5% up to 99.9999% at as little as 0,39 kW/h.

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Two prominently used machine types are:

Wave Soldering: Primarily used for soldering through-hole components on to PCBs (nitrogen purity required 50-100 ppm)

Reflow soldering: Used in large-scale electronics applications for soldering SMD components on to PCBs (nitrogen purity required 100-200 ppm)


  1. Lower dross production

  2. Reducing oxidation

  3. Improving wettability

  4. Increasing quality of joints

  5. Less cleaning/maintenance

  6. Flux consumption/acidity

  7. Reduced defects/improved design

  8. Cheaper solder

  9. Less rework

Laser Cutting

If you want to increase your productivity, reduce taper and optimize your process, then nitrogen is your answer.

By using nitrogen as your cutting gas, the laser beam melts the material, and the nitrogen blows away the molten material from the cutting groove.

The part cut using high-pressure nitrogen gas can move directly from the laser system to welding operations without additional processing. Furthermore, nitrogen-cut parts have considerably less taper, welding operations are minimized, less fixturing is required, and parts generally have better a fit. Improved welds also translate to less time spent polishing parts.

Read more about our OPAS unit here.


  1. Increased productivity through higher cutting speed

  2. Clean cut edges

  3. No overheating from exothermic reactions

  4. Improved corrosion resistances

  5. Oxide-free cuts

  6. Dross-free finish