Oxymat offer a wide range Onsite Hydrogen Generators of world class quality.

Hydrogen is used in many applications such as food production and electronics, to name a few, and recently has been used as fuel in transport and in environmentally friendly heating systems.

On-site hydrogen production eliminates the need to supply of bulk or cylinders.

The Oxymat On-site Hydrogen Generator is designed to meet a large number of application requirements and ranges between 1.33 m3/h to 170.6m3/h with purities up to 99,9995%.

Generator Specifications

Main Design Features

  • Low carbon footprint

  • 24/7 operation

  • Range from 0.66 m3/h up to 170 m3/h

  • Working pressure up to 30 bar

  • Hydrogen purity up to 99,9995% 

  • Fully automatic with remote monitoring (optional)

  • Compliance with European standards

  • Eliminates safety hazards, such as fire and explosions


  • “ The Oxymat Mobile Oxygen Containers are operational under harsh conditions and they are an important part of our Mobile Field Hospital. We have a service contract with Oxymat that ensures yearly inspections and maintenance by the Oxymat service team. We are very happy with the quality of the product and service and relations we have with the Oxymat staff”


    Berry Monster
    Rep. Uniteam Norway, CEO M&T Project Management, Netherlands
  • „In marble industry, oxygen is used mixed with propane for flaming the stone surface. CTA España uses generators to produce oxygen through the burner, so the customer can enjoy an on-site oxygen generation saving over 50% of energy cost. CTA is very grateful for the support of OXYMAT and reliability of their generators.“
    Fabrice Curty
    CTA Refrigeracion, Spain
  • “This installation was the pilot project. It was very successful and we are ready to supply such systems in future installations as well”
    Mrs Marina Zharkov – President of Board
  • „The Oxymat nitrogen generating system combined with our container solution have served non-stop in a number of coal mines in the Silesian region. This combination provides a high safety level in operation and at lower costs and minimal downtime.“
    Mr. Lukasz Lasek
    Azis mining Service
  • „Introduction of oxygen in cyanidation process significantly increased gold recovery thus ROI for Oxymat PSA plant was just a few Months“
    Mr. Glenn Stratford
  • „At LST we design and produce Ecological Ozone Generation systems for the textile industry worldwide. We have been using Oxymat Oxygen Generators to feed our systems for several years and we have always been very happy with their reliability and efficiency.”
    Melih Özcelik, CEO
    LST Lazer Sistemleri Teknolojisi San. ve Tic. A.S.