Onsite N2 & O2, Mine Fire Prevention & Gold Leaching is one of Oxymat’s key applications

In the mining industry, nitrogen is primarily used to prevent mine fires and to inert abandoned areas of mines reducing oxygen level thus lowering limit of explosion. The inert atmosphere is important by metal processing to inhibit unwanted oxidation.

The Oxymat O2 gas generator is often used in gold mining and is an excellent oxygen solution in the gold extraction process.

Furthermore, copper or nickel smelters consume large quantities of oxygen.

In very remote areas where access of supply oxygen is extremely costly and logistically difficult, the PSA on-site production technology is a big advantage.

See our TPD units here and get a closer at our oxygen portfolio and nitrogen portfolio here.

Types of Mines

  • Gold mining and processing

  • Silver mining and processing

  • Coal and Copper mining and processing

  • Diamond mining

  • Nickel, Lead, Aluminium and Iron processing

What our Customers Say:

  • “This installation was the pilot project. It was very successful and we are ready to supply such systems in future installations as well”
    Mrs Marina Zharkov – President of Board
  • „The Oxymat nitrogen generating system combined with our container solution have served non-stop in a number of coal mines in the Silesian region. This combination provides a high safety level in operation and at lower costs and minimal downtime.“
    Mr. Lukasz Lasek
    Azis mining Service
  • „Introduction of oxygen in cyanidation process significantly increased gold recovery thus ROI for Oxymat PSA plant was just a few Months“
    Mr. Glenn Stratford