Onsite Oxygen for Medical use is the best alternative to liquid supply or filled cylinders.

With the Oxymat PSA oxygen generator, you get a secure and constant source of pure oxygen. Produced directly at the hospital, the oxygen is available where and when you need it.


Oxymat is the only manufacturer able to reach outlet pressure up to 10 barG.

We can provide a tailor-made solution that fits your exact needs; i.e. skid mounting, GSM modem, remote operating and monitoring. Other parameters can be measured on request, such as hydrocarbons, CO, CO2 and dew point.


Oxymat Medical Oxygen PSAOxymat oxygen generators are produced in accordance with MDD (medical device directive), PED (pressure equipment directive) and are CE medical certified. Our generators also comply with ISO 10083. Learn more about our generators here and see our full programme here.
The Oxymat medical sale team is ready to consult each project with you to assure successful installation of the system. And our service department will make sure that your system is always in top condition.



Safety first – always

Oxymat can design and install a medical oxygen generating system with all its proper capabilities, monitoring and alarm system to reflect your local safety requirements.

The unit is equipped with touch controller for easy access and automatically calls alarms and switch to back up supply when malfunctioning occurs.

Nonstop operation

Our oxygen generating systems are designed for 24 hour, 365 days per year operation.

Cylinder filling back up provides safe delivery of Oxygen to hospital pipeline system. And you are no longer dependent on unstable deliveries and fluctuating gas prices.

Guaranteed lower operating cost

Investing in an oxygen system is quickly earned in savings. The average oxygen production cost is 1.2 kWh per cubic meter of oxygen produced and pay off from most models is earned within the first months of operating.

What our Customers say:

  • “ The Oxymat Mobile Oxygen Containers are operational under harsh conditions and they are an important part of our Mobile Field Hospital. We have a service contract with Oxymat that ensures yearly inspections and maintenance by the Oxymat service team. We are very happy with the quality of the product and service and relations we have with the Oxymat staff”


    Berry Monster
    Rep. Uniteam Norway, CEO M&T Project Management, Netherlands
  • “Oxymat onsite oxygen generator system for medical oxygen has helped us save time, charges pertaining to delivery and transportation and manpower required during running out of gas. After installing the Oxymat unit we are getting uninterrupted gas and can save energy efficiently, above all we are getting supply in exact quantity and quality needed. Now we realised, why buy expensive bottles or bulk oxygen from gas companies when we can make our own”
    Mr. Mensour M. Almana, Almana group of Hospitals
    Vice Chairman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • „We have invested into oxygen generator to cut cost of oxygen. We have used gas cylinders with monthly spending around 2500 EUR, where 70% went only to services like transportation, handling and bottle rental. A part from that 20% VAT is another cost for us. The investment paid of in 6 months time. The generator is working well, so as service from Oxymat was good.“
    Giovanni Elia, O.T.I.P.
    Instituto di Medicina Iperbarica
  • “Oxymat oxygen generator saves time and money, but most importantly it makes our hospital independent of suppliers and it helps protecting our environment.”
    Prof. dr. Janoš Butinar, dr. vet. med
    Animal Hospital Postojna, Slovenia
  • “After installing a PSA generator on site in 2005, Hospital Samaritana, Bogota reduced their average monthly cost on liquid oxygen supply by 50%.”
    Christian Hansen
    Project Manager, Chaher Ltda.