Oxymat Oxygen Generators for Aqua Culture optimize your production.

In recent years, fish farming has turned into high density farming practice using ponds and large scale tanks.

As a fish farmer in the aquaculture industry, you are depending on a high density amongst your fish and you still need to keep a high saturation level of oxygen in your ponds.

Pure oxygen is essential in all modern fish farming. Pure oxygen dosed in correct way ensures faster growths rates, better FCR, less stress and diseases and better prices selling the fish due to higher quality. We understand the environment of fish farming and the need for a 100 % reliable oxygen source. Oxymat has delivered oxygen generator systems for more than a 200 fish farms worldwide both for recirculation, flow through and to well boats. 

Oxymat oxygen generators save you energy and money as supply of oxygen cylinders becomes irrelevant.

After installation of one of our plants, you can start uninterrupted oxygen supply on-site right away

We have many years of experience delivering oxygen generators to the fish farming industry. Our oxygen generators are known as reliable, easy to use and low operational cost.

Our experience spans from salmon, trout, eel, seabass, seabream and tilapia, in both fresh water and sea water applications. Through our network of fish farming suppliers, we help you get in contact with professional aquaculture engineering companies. Our service organisation has trained staff on duty 24/7 with a quick response to provide assistance.

CASE: Fish Farm Upilka

The oxygen source is an important topic to Mr. Adamczyk – Managing Director of fish farm Upilka. Therefore, when he started the project of intensifying his production of rainbow trout he carefully calculated the amount of oxygen needed to keep a higher grow ratio in his ponds. The water, which flows over the fish farm mainly originates from a small creek and also well water is used as a water source.

Read about the Oxymat oxygen installation at Fish Farm Upilka here

The PSA Technology in brief:

PSA process is an extremely clean process and the only ‘raw material’ used is air.

On-site Oxygen generators allow an uninterrupted supply of gas with a high purity output. This means that you can produce gas where and when you need it, and in the exact quantity and quality you need, which means gas selfsufficientce and independence from external gas suppliers. Oxymat generators are easy to operate and require minimum amount of maintenance and service. Oxymat uses only high quality components and all systems are designed for 24 hours, 365 days a year’s operation.  An Oxygen generator combined with cylinder gives the highest level of backup In comparison with cylinders it gives overall cost reduction up to 80%. The average oxygen production cost is 1.1kWh per cubic meter of oxygen.

1. Compressor
increases air to required level of pressure

2. Dryer
removes moisture from air (air humidity) by cooling

3. Coal tower
adsorbs harmful organic impurities such as oil vapours and hydrocarbon compounds

4. Air tank
accumulates necessary volume of air for PSA generator

5. Zeolite
filling with it`s ion-exchange beds traps nitrogen molecules and allows oxygen molecules to stream through

6. High Purity Oxygen
flows from PSA generator to product tank and is ready for use

Several studies have shown adding dissolved oxygen into water on fish farms has a very positive effect on growth rates, feed conversion ratio and mortality-all factors that will affect your profitability significantly.

In other words, the right amount of oxygen dissolved into water may turn your business into a very profitable success. A minimum oxygen saturation level in the water of 70-80 % will obtain a desirable production, here are some facts for Tilapia as example:

  • Feed Conversion Rates (FCR)

  • Growth Rates (GR)

  • Mortality Rates (M)

Saturation Level of OxygenFCRGRM
60 %>2,0405%
70 %1,8602%
80 %1,4901%
90 %1,099<1%

Oxymat can assist designing the proper sized oxygen generators, oxygen cones and diffusors to ensure profitability of  your business.

Oxygen can also be used for your waste water treatment and as feed gas for your ozone system.  Adding oxygen directly into the waste water increases the effectivity of removing pollutants.

More about Ozone & Water treatment

Oxymat Cones

Oxygen Cones are widely used in the aquaculture industry because of their high saturation efficiency. If you are currently pumping water back to your pond, then you can use Oxygen Cone to saturate pure oxygen into water without even using a diffuser. And, you can run the dissolved oxygen up to 25 mg/l with as little water pressure as 1,0 bar. The Oxymat Oxygen Cone is easy to install and simple to operate.

Oxymat Diffusers

One of the simplest ways to dissolve oxygen into the water is using a diffuser that generates small bubbles directly in the water, the smaller the bubbles are, the more efficient will the absorption of the oxygen be.

SMS Warning system

With our optional SMS warning system you are able to receive messages like: “Purity alarm”, “PSA stopped operation” etc.



  1. Faster growths rates

  2. Better FCR

  3. Less stress and diseases

  4. Higher quality

  5. Energy saving

Service & Experience

  • Our oxygen generators are known as reliable, easy to use and low operational cost.

  • Our service organisation has trained staff on duty 24/7 with a quick response to provide assistance

What our Customers Say:

  • „Oxygen is crucial to aquaculture and industrial fish farming. In Norway, transporting large quantities of bulk liquid gas over vast distances has an enormous impact on the environment. When energy consumption can be reduced by 30%, this is just an added benefit to controlling capacity and optimizing production that makes a PSA plant investment worthwhile.“
    Bjørnar Flem
    Project Manager, Artec Aqua A/S