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Oxymat oxygen coronavirus
Oxygen is critical – Oxymat can help
March 24, 2020 Oxygen is critical - Oxymat can help Today Oxymat A/S decided to rush a production of 30 medical MDD certified oxygen generator systems through our production halls. We should be... Read more
Oxygen generator
MDD certified Oxymat Oxygen Generators
March 19, 2020 MDD certified Oxymat Oxygen Generators Oxymat sees an ever-increasing demand from customers for improved energy efficiency generators and increasing focus on turn-key on-site PSA plants. The PSA (pressure swing adsorption)... Read more
Sustainable production
Sustainable Production
March 6, 2020 Sustainable Production Oxymat A/S is taking part in UN Sustainable Development Goals. Oxymat A/S prioritize corporate sustainability and responsibility. We are constantly changing habits and have invested substantially in greenenergy.... Read more
Oxymat on-site oxygen saves fish farmers 35% on OPEX
July 18, 2019 Made in Denmark. With an already solid foundation as a supplier for aquaculture in Norway, the Faroe Islands, and Chile, Oxymat has completed the development of the Nordic Generator series,... Read more
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