Our Corporate Responsibilities

We believe that we can make a difference and we take our corporate responsibilities seriously. Responsibility for the environment and for the society that we live in both locally and globally.

We take great pride in being a part of a smaller local community in Slovakia.

Besides creating many jobs for the locals, we also see ourselves as partners of the village when it comes to supporting the local school, kindergarten and clinics.

The close relation has led to mutual beneficiaries such as reuse of equipment and material and reduced energy prices with up to EUR 3000 per year for the village.

We have organized theatre performances and Factory Open Day, inviting our neighbors to get a tour around the factory they pass every day.


Small effort – great impact
In Slovakia the government allows each taxpayer to donate 2% of their yearly paid taxes to charities, schools and organizations. We are proud that our employees value this option and donate to local organizations and charities of their own choice.

Oxygen Christmas donations.

Oxymat is making a Christmas donation each year to a selected hospital in developing countries. The main objective of this type of donation is to help hospitals to produce their own affordable medical oxygen on-site.

Children’s cancer hospital in Egypt.

Our first oxygen generator Christmas donation in was made in 2013, which was a very special charity to a children’s cancer hospital (Hospital “57357”) in Cairo, Egypt.

Hospital 57357 is a non-profit hospital that treats children with cancer. All children receive a complete treatment which includes surgeries and therapies without any costs included. The duration of a cancer treatment can vary from 3 to 6 years depending on the case.

Hospital 57357 treats 45% of the children suffering from cancer in Egypt with a complete cure rate of 73%. The hospital was previously using normal liquid and bottled oxygen, which resulted in high cost and resources.  Oxymat approached the hospital and donated a 25m3/hr. oxygen generator system with 95 % purity.  The system is now operating and supplying oxygen for all 350 beds in the hospital.

Our donation has been realized in close cooperation with our long term, successful distributor in Egypt, Atlasco Egypt, who provides the hospital with full air package and relevant receiver vessels. Installation of this Oxygen unit was made in June 2014.

TUMBI regional referral hospital in Tanzania.
In 2015, Oxymat has donated an oxygen generator to a TUMBI regional referral hospital in Kibaha, which is a public hospital and acts as the regional referral of the Coastal region of Tanzania.

The donation was made in cooperation with a local partner named Pulse Healthcare Limited.

Oxymat is thankful to our local partners Pulse Healthcare Limited and Kampa Health Products, Tanzania for their support in choosing the hospital.

The reasons for choosing TUMBI hospital in the Kibaha region, is due to its location near the highway to inland Tanzania, where sadly many accidents occur. The hospital is also providing clinical education and training to medical students.