Oxymat on-site nitrogen generators for the pharmaceutical applications.

Our on-site nitrogen PSA generators for the pharmaceutical industry are used in packaging of pharmaceuticals and serves as an inert gas where oxidation is undesirable.

Oxymat on-site nitrogen generators for the pharmaceutical applications and in particular:

•  Nitrogen Inerting and Blanketing
•  Controlled Atmosphere Storage (CAS)
•  Pest Control and Grain Fumigation
•  Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)
•  Undercover Gassing
•  Nitrogen Injection
•  Sparging/Stripping
•  Purging
•  Nitrogen Flushing
•  Aerosol Propellant
•  Beverage Mixing / Dispensing


Why OXYMAT on-site systems for pharmaceutical applications?

Nitrogen supply from external sources are uncontrollable and at OXYMAT we understand your need for a safe and reliable source of nitrogen. You can choose to be self-sufficient with nitrogen and the most ideal nitrogen gas source is an on-site PSA onsite nitrogen gas generator.

More and more companies are investing in nitrogen generators. Reasons being cost-cutting and obtaining independency from nitrogen supplies. The systems are compact with small foot-prints and low noise levels, which makes it possible to install the units in most factories.

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