Oxymat oxygen generators for military and field hospitals

Oxymat is a leading supplier to the military for oxygen generators and oxygen filling stations for mobile field hospitals and nitrogen generation systems for tire filling applications.

Our medical oxygen systems for military and field hospitals ensures a reliable and safe delivery of uninterrupted quality medical oxygen without the difficulties and risks associated with traditional high pressure cylinders. Over the years our oxygen generators and oxygen filling stations have saved many lives.

Our Oxymat oxygen generation system is an innovative solution to provide oxygen at remote areas but at the point of use. These systems are self-contained or skid mounted, portable, easy to transport can be deployed and operational with minimal logistic support. These systems are the state of the art answer to the problem of providing oxygen to mobile field hospitals. The systems are suitable for the problems associated with high altitude operation and extreme climatic conditions.

Our medical oxygen systems for military and field hospitals are serving all over the world during military situations and in times of disaster.


The advantages of the Oxymat oxygen generator guarantee energy savings just from the minute after the installation, and here are a few more advantages.


  • Only produce the gas you need, when and where you need
  • ’No’ on on-going costs (refills, delivery and transportation charges, etc.)
  • Energy efficient
  • No safety risks of handling of high pressure cylinders
  • In comparison with cylinders it gives overall cost reduction up to 80%

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