Launch of New OXYMAT Product Range @Hannover Messe 2017

OXYMAT successfully presented a brand-new range of low pressure PSA generators at the world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology in Hannover. The launch of a new energy saving solution is the culmination of intensive R&D and millions of euros invested in modern facilities. The result is a more energy efficient product in upgraded materials.

Always present at the Hannover Messe, OXYMAT met with existing and new contacts from all over the world. This year was no exception. However, in 2017 we are proud to present the first low pressure PSA (LPSA) generator with the lowest power consumption on the market. This new line of generators will provide our customers with the same high gas quality at a dramatically reduced power requirement, as low as 0,7 kWh per produced Sm3 of oxygen, and 0,18 kWh per produced Sm3 of nitrogen, at 2,8 bar(g) outlet pressure. The capacity ranges from 2,0 to 1.000 m3/h oxygen at purities up to 95%, and from 1,0 to 10.000 m3/h nitrogen at purities up to 99,9999%. The materials are stainless steel and sandblasted powder coated black steel, used to optimize generator quality and minimize the requirement for cleaning and maintenance.

This new series of low pressure PSA generators is a result of intensive research and product development, and combined with the trustworthy collaboration with our customers, we are proud to announce that the results are game changing. OXYMAT has invested more than EUR 2 mill. in rebuilding its factory in Denmark, to become the most automated PSA factory in the world, only to improve both product and quality. This game changing 40% reduction of power consumption for oxygen and more than 10% for nitrogen, will not only bring OXYMAT in the lead worldwide, it will also create a new product on the market.

OXYMAT is already known as a leader in the on-site oxygen and nitrogen business, but there are several followers on the market offering PSA technology. With the new product offered from OXYMAT, a new class has emerged on the market, closer in energy consumption to large sized VPSA systems but price wise closer to traditional PSA solutions.

There are no arguments for purchasing a traditional PSA oxygen and nitrogen system anymore, once you become familiar with the new OXYMAT Low Pressure Swing Adsorption system – for most customers it would simply not make any sense.

Many PSA manufactures state on their website that you can produce your own oxygen for something around 1,0 to 1,1 kWh per M3, but this is simply incorrect. The true figure is closer to 1,5 kWh or higher, once you measure the power consumption, remove impurities and state Nm3 with correct definitions.

We have made calculations for a few of our customers, which resulted in them transferring their savings in the electricity bill to invest in complete OXYMAT oxygen systems. This made sense to our customers as well as to the environment.

Due to a high demand for our new models, we will deliver the new PSA only to existing customers until July 2017. Hereafter we will welcome new customers.

Hannover Messe 2017 turned out to be a record event for OXYMAT participation, as we were also pleased to welcome the largest number of visitors at our stand, in OXYMAT history. Many new interesting contacts were made, and we received numerous new customers as well. To everyone who visited our booth we thank you and we appreciate your time.

We listen, we design and we manufacture. Therefore, we have gained worldwide reputation as the highest quality PSA system supplier.