Oxymat Area Sales Manager Jesper Nørgaard visited one of the few salmon fingerling production left in Ireland. Here they produce organic fingerlings from eggs to 150 gram smolt. Being organic means that you can only have 15 kg/m3 of biomass which is much less than traditional production where biomass up to 120 kg/m3 is allowed.

Oxymat installed an oxygen gas generator here 15 years ago and it is still operating. Even though it has been kept in old shelter and has been exposed to hard weather of the Connemara coast and sea water mist it is still in operation and delivering 93% pure oxygen for the fingerlings.

This fingerling production sight is situated in a beautiful and breathtaking area of Connemara on Irelands west coast just north of Galway. Greig who has been running the plant for the past 17 years explains that  5-700.000 organic fingerlings are produced here every year. They use the freshwater of the stream passing on both sides of the sight and this way forming a small island in land. Greig tells that when the sight was founded more than 100 years ago, it took the owner who lived in Dublin 3 days to travel the 250 km from Dublin to Connemara.

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