Oxygen is critical – Oxymat can help

Today Oxymat A/S decided to rush a production of 30 medical MDD certified oxygen generator systems through our production halls.

We should be able to have oxygen systems on stock 3 weeks from now in following sizes:

7 m³/h @ 93 % 5 bar(g) oxygen pressure
20 m³/h @ 93 % 5 bar(g) oxygen pressure
40 m³/h @ 93 % 5 bar(g) oxygen pressure

Systems can be delivered as standalone units or as a part of a full medical system with up to 2 supply lines ready. Secondary line may be a cylinder bank or another oxygen generator.

Systems can be delivered with paramagnetic O2 analyzer, CO and CO2 readings.

We are ready to serve Europe with on-site oxygen systems to hospitals today.

For more information contact us at c19urgent@oxymat.com.