Oxymat’s and Atlasco Egypt’s donation of oxygen generator to a children’s hospital

A great celebration took place in the hospital 57357 for children with cancer on 14th of June in Cairo, Egypt. The hospital 57357 celebrated the inauguration of an Oxygen generator system that was donated to the hospital in cooperation between Oxymat and Atlasco Egypt. Atlasco Egypt is Oxymat’s partner in Egypt.

Hospital 57357 is a non-profit hospital that treats children with cancer. All children receive a complete treatment which includes surgeries and therapies without any costs included. The duration of a cancer treatment can vary from 3 to 6 years depending on the case.

Hospital 57357 treats 45% of the children suffering from cancer in Egypt with a complete cure rate of 73%. The hospital was previously using normal liquid and bottled oxygen, which resulted in high cost and resources.  Oxymat approached the hospital and donated a 25m3/hr oxygen generator system with 95 % purity.  The system is now operating and supplying oxygen for all 350 beds in the hospital.

On this great event Oxymat and Atlasco Egypt also celebrated their 25th anniversary of partnership, which is also known as the silver jubilee.

As a market leader of advanced PSA gas generator systems, Oxymat is not limited to selling the largest number of units. Oxymat is very happy and honored in taking part in changing people’s lives. Being a market leader has been redefined it is not just about how much you sell, however it is simply about how much you can change. Such a generous act defines the line between a success seeking company and a leader that has the plan and power to change the facts for a better future through hard work, community awareness and reasonability.

The donation was widely supported at all levels of the Egyptian community. Oxymat is very honored in getting the opportunity to celebrate with diplomatic representatives, the Egyptian Parliament and reparative from all respectful medical and industrial entities. At last Oxymat can proudly announce that 200 children each day are using Oxymat oxygen, and Oxymat is wishing all the children a speedy recovery.

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