Oxygen generator to Gautam Buddha Community Heart Hospital in Nepal

Helsinge/Vadovce, December, 2017: Oxymat A/S is pleased to announce its 2017 Christmas donation of an oxygen generator plant, which will be donated to Gautam Buddha Community Heart and Kidney Hospital in Butwal, Nepal. The donation is made in cooperation with its local dealer Technical Associates Services Pvt. Ltd. The hospital is the first non-profit community run heart hospital in Nepal thriving to provide quality treatment services for heart and lung related problems.

Oxymat Group is making a Christmas donation each year to a selected hospital in a developed country. The main objective of this type of donation is to help hospitals to produce their own affordable medical oxygen on-site.

“Helping those in need is a tradition within Oxymat Group, being a family business, it’s something we’ve been doing from the beginning,” says Jesper Sjorgen, CEO and owner of Oxymat Group. “I’ve been to this region several times, and the need of medical oxygen there is great”.

Gautam Buddha Community Heart and Kidney Hospital has been providing kidney test services for only one rupee since August 2017. The patients from the surrounding areas have been benefited from the service. The hospital has a well-established Cath Lab and 20 dialysis machines and provides the service to patients on non-profitable basis.

In 2015, Oxymat Group donated an oxygen generator to TUMBI hospital in the Kibaha region of Tanzania, which has been selected for donation due to its location near the highway, where sadly many accidents occur. In 2016 Oxymat has donated a bigger oxygen plant to a non-profit Children Cancer Hospital in Egypt, where children receive a complete treatment which includes surgeries and therapies free of cost.

Dr. Mahesh Madyagol, International Sales Manager at Oxymat Group explains, “with Oxymat’s oxygen generator the hospitals are no longer dependent on external oxygen deliveries as the oxygen is then produced on-site, so introducing a PSA oxygen generating system in hospitals can represent significant savings and in most cases, pay-back time is expected to be one to two years.”

According to Mr. Sanjay Kumar Tulshyan, Managing Director at Technical Associates Services Pvt. Ltd., “access to medical oxygen in Nepal is erratic and expensive, particularly in rural hospitals. Many hospitals frequently exhaust their oxygen supply due to lack of funds and difficulties in transporting the oxygen from the plants. Nepal is no stranger to this situation. Sadly, medical oxygen is in most cases lacking in adequate amounts, leading to unnecessary loss of life. Enabling the hospital to have its own supply of oxygen will greatly alleviate the current situation and improve services within healthcare deliveries to many people.”

OXYMAT is a Denmark based reputed manufacturer of all sizes of on-site oxygen and nitrogen generator systems and cylinder filling stations since 1978 using PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology.  More than 3700 Oxymat generator systems are currently in operation around the world which makes us the largest manufacturer in Europe. It is our mission to be your preferred innovative, dynamic and environmentally responsible supplier of onsite oxygen and nitrogen solutions worldwide.

PSA processes are based upon the static separation of ambient air – comprised of 21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen and just under 1% of argon. The PSA process is an extremely clean operation and the only ‘raw material’ is air. Coupled with air compressor, air dryer and filtration system, it takes air and separates the oxygen/nitrogen from other gases.

Why OXYMAT generators for hospitals?
The OXYMAT generators are perfect for hospitals to produce medical grade oxygen on-site which allow for an uninterrupted supply of oxygen with a high purity output. This means that you can produce oxygen where and when you need it, and in the exact quantity and quality you need. It helps you avoid rental charges, transportation expenses, labour costs and evaporation losses of bulk systems.
Hospitals can produce their own oxygen for breathing on-site by taking clean air as raw material. Hospitals all over the world are realizing that on-site oxygen generation provides a highly reliable and economic solution for their oxygen requirements. Eliminate the expense of purchasing, receiving, and monitoring your hospital’s oxygen supply. OXYMAT medical oxygen generators can directly supply the hospital supply line, fill cylinders to provide backup, and/or supply for over peak demands.

Quality Assurance:
OXYMAT holds all relevant approvals for serving the numerous applications we supply. Our systems are designed and manufactured according to:

  • MDD (Medical Devices Directive)
  • PED (Pressure Equipment Directive)
  • Comply European/US/UK/Canada Pharmacopoeia
  • ISO 13485 (Quality Management Systems – Medical Devices)
  • ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems)
  • ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems)
  • ISO 10083 (ISO 7396)
  • CE
  • OHSAS 18001
  • Free Sales Certificate-Danish Health & Medicines Authority

For more information regarding OXYMAT A/S and our solutions to hospitals, visit www.oxymat.com, e-mail sales@oxymat.com or call at +45 4879 7811, and one of OXYMAT’s competent employees can guide you to the right solution for your needs.