PSA Marine Nitrogen Generators

We excel in manufacturing nitrogen generators for marine applications. OXYMAT delivers the most energy efficient nitrogen generators on the market. Our references show an impressive 140 large marine projects.

No matter your need or application we can provide state-of-the-art design to meet your requirement. OXYMAT can offer you 3 different solutions for your on-site marine nitrogen generation requirements:


PSA Oxymat Nitrogen Modular Generators

As a result of extensive development efforts, the new series of OXYMAT generators has reached the lowest power consumption level in the market. For our marine nitrogen generators, the reduction of power consumption is more than 10%.


Oxymat Marine X-series

Our X-series nitrogen generator systems are available in 15 models with cover flow rates from 4.8 to 10.000 Sm3/h. For lower capacities or for ships with high peak consumption (e.g. LNG ferries) we can design a smaller system with high pressure cylinders.


Oxymat Marine Custom Engineered Projects

Oxymat is world leading in designing and manufacturing of turn-key, custom engineered PSA systems and nitrogen generating systems either on a single skid or inside a portable container. Special nitrogen gas generating systems for high pressure nitrogen cylinder filling. Each project is custom-built designed to meet your exact requirements to ensure that you receive the optimal system.