Oxymat Marine X-series

We excel in manufacturing nitrogen generators for marine applications. Oxymat delivers the most energy efficient nitrogen generators on the market. Our references show an impressive 140 large marine projects. Our wide range of standard generator systems supply nitrogen from 4.8 to 10,000 Sm /h with purities up to 20ppm (300TPD). Flow measured in Nm3/h. Purity up to 99,9999%.

We can deliver units in the size you require (below table is just an extract of the product range).

X-series advantages:

  • Fully assembled PSA skid including filters
  • Very easy installation – Plug and play solution
  • Extremely compact design with traditional air and nitrogen buffer size reduced drastically
  • All functions automated
  • Easy operation on 10” touch screen
  • Multiple purities in same system and automatic purity control
  • Dry air mode as an option