OXYMAT PSA Oxygen Generators

No matter your need or application we can provide state-of-the-art design to meet your requirement.

We offer a wide range of PSA oxygen gas generators to be installed onsite for all industrial oxygen applications. You can produce your own oxygen on demand, which eliminates the need for for liquid oxygen supply or filled cylinders.

Our oxygen gas generators are based on the well-known PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology using two pressurized columns with molecular sieves providing your business with unlimited oxygen generation on demand. Your Oxymat oxygen generator will be selected specifically to match your needs and you will find the price surprisingly feasible .


OXYMAT can offer you 4 different solutions for your on-site oxygen gas generation requirements:


As a result of extensive development efforts, the new series of OXYMAT generators has reached the lowest power consumption level in the market. For our oxygen generators, the reduction of power consumption is more than 40%.


OXYMAT PSA Oxygen Twin-Tower Generators

Our OXYMAT PSA Oxygen Generators covers 16 standard models with capacity in the range from 0.69 to 173.36 m3/hour.


OXYMAT X-series Frame Built Solutions

OXYMAT X-versions PSA Oxygen models 2 to 5 are supplied as frame built solutions, which includes: buffer vessels, filters, advanced control, dew point, pressure, temperature, flow, purity and remote monitoring.


OXYMAT Custom Engineered Projects

Oxymat is world leading in designing and manufacturing of turn-key, custom engineered PSA systems and oxygen generating systems either on a single skid or inside a portable container. Special oxygen gas generating systems for high pressure oxygen cylinder filling. Each project is custom-built designed to meet your exact requirements to ensure that you receive the optimal system.