Trading Terms

The Purchasers after having settled their deposit or providing written acceptance of a proposal are obliged to pay for the final product and in case of their own transport to pick it up on time.

  • The Seller is authorized to charge a fee of 0.05% from the overall price per day for keeping the final product on the stock if the purchasor’s payment is delayed.
  • In case that the outstanding debt will not have  been settled within agreed maturity The Purchaser is authorized to pass the title to the debt to the third party.
  • Purchaser has no legal right to claim deposit refund in case that contract conditions shall be disturbed or  final amount of debt will not be recovered.
  • In such a case that Purchaser will not pay the amount stated on the final invoice and pick up the product, The Seller is justified to claim stipulated damage equal to settled deposit. The legal right of The Seller is not affected.
  • If The Purchasers fail to cover the invoice within its maturity they are obliged to pay late charges of 0.05% from the overall price per day for every day of delay.


  • INCOTERMS 2010 – The trade terms of the international chamber of commerce
  • ORGALIME S2012 – Organlime general conditions are available on E-mail request
  • NL 92 E – General conditions for the Supply of Machinery and other Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Equipment